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Product Sheet

SIUSView Analysis Software



Article Number:         300101 

Short description:

SIUSView features analysis software which can analyse and process the recorded SIUS image data. SIUSView can be run on a standard computer with Windows operating system.



System software:

Windows XP / 7 / Vista

Recording period:

The recording periode is displayed separately

Replay speed:

The replay speed can be freely adjusted

One or more cameras can be replayed simultaneously

Zoom function:

Individual parts of the image can be enlarged using the zoom function.

Search criteria:

Camera, date, time, car number, line, direction, name of stop, alarm

Loop function:

Available and freely adjustable



All images including all relevant data can be printed on any standard printer.

Image processing:

Contrast and brightness can be adjusted in the programme.
For further image processing, the image can be exported to any selected image processing programme.

Data storage:

Image sequences can be stored in original format and as AVI files. Individual images can be stored in bmp or jpg formats.


Minimum system requirements: 


Pentium IV

Pulse frequency:

2.4 GHz


1 GB

Graphics card:

The graphics card must support directX

64 MB memory

1024 x 768 resolution

16 Bit color depth

Mass memory:

160 GB hard drive and CD burner


USB 2.0 / USB 3.0


All information provided in this product sheet refers to the current conditions and may be subject to change.



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