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Product sheet

Camera Connection Box KAK200



Article Number:       500503


Short description:

       Weatherproof connection box

       Camera feed

       Screen defroster heating

       Service power point 230V, 2A

       Video separation amplifier

       Test port

       twisted pair transmitter slot

       LWL transmitter slot

       7 through terminals

       Video-GND/ground wire separately

       Overvoltage protection

       Net filter




CCIR 625Z/50Hz Pal

Video inputs:

BNC, or clamps

Video outputs:

BNC, or clamps

Video input level / impedance

1 Vss 75 Ω

Video output level / impedance

1 Vss 75 Ω

twisted pair output:


Camera feed:

12 V DC,0.8 A

Screen defroster heating:

13 V AC,2 A

Line voltage:

230 V AC

Power input:

about 40 VA

Type of protection:

IP65 according to DIN 40050

Protection class:

1 according to VDE 0804

Operation temperature:

-20 °C to +50 °C


90 % non-condensing

Dimensions (W x H x D):

230 mm x 200 mm x 110mm


about 4.1 kg



Meets the following CE-Standards:


Emitted interference

EN 55022


EN 610004-4


EN 610004-2


EN 610004-5

Net interrupt

EN 610004-11

Interference resistance

EN 610004-6

Interference resistance

EN 610004-3


Description of functions

The camera connection box is equipped for the connection of a camera with or without screen defroster heating. The screen defroster heating can be fed with low voltage of 13 VAC / 2 A from the connection box.

For heating requiring 230 V, connection clamps are provided.

The camera is fed from the connection box (12 VDC/ 0.8 A).

A 24 VAC feed can be ordered separately.

For tests, the video signal can be received feedback-free using a video separation amplifier via a BNC jack.

Video inputs and outputs are optionally supplied as either clamps or BNC jacks.

A twisted pair or LWL receiver can be placed in an existing slot.

Serial version 625Z/50Hz/PAL; NTSC optionally.




Article Number:



Video LWL transmitter PST98LWL


twisted pair transmitter PST95ZDS

All information provided in this product sheet refers to the current conditions and may be subject to change.



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