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Product sheet

Dual twisted pair Transmitter ZDS07W



Article Number:     501203 ZDS07W (2 Channel Enhancement)

                               500471 ZDS07W2 (2 Video ZW Transmitter)

                               500472 ZDS94W4 (4 Video ZW Transmitter)


Short description:

       Transmitter potential-free due to transformer coupling

       ZDS07 dual version

       3 kV electrical strength

       Overvoltage protection

       Triple impedance switching

       Black control

       “No video signal” display

       Test port

       Video-GND/ground wire separately

       Net filter




CCIR 625Z/50Hz Pal

Video inputs:

4 Klemmen

Video input level / impedance

1 Vss 75 Ω

Video output level / impedance

1 Vss 75 Ω

twisted pair output:

1.5 Vss an 120 Ω


6 dB / 12 dB


5 MHz

Diff. Phase:

< 0.6°

Diff. Gain:

< 0.6 %

Signal/noise ratio:

> 64 dB rms bewertet

Linearity fault:

< 0.3 %


< 1.2 %KF

Clamp fault:

< 0.1 %


< 1 %

Operational voltage:

230 V AC

Protection class:

1 nach VDE 0804

Operation temperature:

-20 °C bis 50 °C


90 % nicht kondensierend

Dimensions: AL casing
(W x H x D):

260 mm x 260 mm x 100 mm

Weight: AL casing:

ca. 2.5 kg

Meets the following CE-Standards:


Emitted interference

EN 55022


EN 610004-4


EN 610004-2


EN 610004-5

Net interrupt

EN 610004-11

Interference resistance

EN 610004-6,

Interference resistance

EN 610004-3


Description of functions

With the system ZDS07W/VTZ05DW it is possible to bypass 1500m and 2800m respectively with a symmetric twisted pair line, e.g. (A-2Y(L)2Y4x2x0.8). 

Due to system equalisation of up to 40 dB and 60 dB respectively at 5 MHz, droop, active black-level clamping, low pass filter, synchronous pulse control and Sync-Burst-Regeneration, a proper transfer of images is achieved.

Cable attenuation equalisation is provided by Sync-Level-Control.

On the emission side (ZDS07W), a 6 dB/12 dB increase can be adjusted at 5 MHz. Thus a higher signal/noise ratio can be achieved.

The transmission end levels are electrically isolated from the transmission line by transmitters.

Thus a high electrical strength is achieved.

The ZDS07W2 (article number 500471) transmitter is a two-channel component assembly supplied in a weatherproof casing.

The ZDS07W4 (article number 500472) transmitter is a four-channel component assembly supplied in a weatherproof casing.

The ZDS07W (article number 501203) component assembly is a two-channel component assembly for enhancement supplied in the weatherproof casing of ZDS07W2 on ZDS07W4.


All information provided in this product sheet refers to the current conditions and may be subject to change.



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