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Product sheet

LED Signal bicolor
SIGLED15-15 white/blue


Article Number:     501584


Short description:

       Bicolor LED Signal module (white/blue)

       Use i.e. in switch position indicator

       Constant light intensity about a wide input voltage range

       Diameter illuminated area approx. 70mm




Number of LED white


Number of LED blue


Dimensions (W x H x D)

98 mm x 106 mm x 30 mm

Diameter illuminated area

approx. 70 mm


approx. 48 g

Connector mechanical locked

Typ Combicon 2-pole

Rated input voltage by constant light intensity

21.0 V DC to 30 V DC

Power input by nominal line voltage
Control one color only (constant current)

(white) approx. 106mA

(blue) approx. 106mA

Light wavelength white by CIE1931

P1(0.287, 0.296) P2(0.330, 0.373)
P3(0.296, 0.276) P4(0.338, 0.360) Typ.: x=0.31, y=0.32

Light wavelength blue (dominant)

Typ. 453 nm

Temperature range

-30°C to +70°C

Reverse voltage protection electrical

by protecting diode

Reverse voltage protection mechanical

by connector

Overvoltage protection

Disengage from 45 V to 60 V




501005 Connecting & interface module for switch position indicator




All information provided in this product sheet refers to the current conditions and may be subject to change.



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